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Introduction to Basketball Skills Tips

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Basic Fundamentals of Basketball

Aside from being a great spectator sport, basketball is also a great way to get in shape, learn teamwork, and to attain self discipline. Being that it's not a frightfully difficult game to play, and that it's a lot of fun, it is often a popular choice among those looking for a new sport to play.

If you find you are interested in getting started in basketball, or you are just looking to give your game a little lift, there are some basic fundamentals of basketball you should be aware of.

1) Cardiovascular workouts are your best friend. Your legs, heart and lungs are your most valuable organs during a game. You will need to make sure you have lots of endurance, healthy leg muscles and plenty of speed. Otherwise you won't be able to keep up with the game, and you could get injured.

2) Strengthen your peripheral vision. When you play, you need to be aware of everything around you. On top of that, you need to be able to dribble the ball without having to stare at it the whole time. Do plenty of exercises to strengthen your peripheral vision and remember to keep your eyes up.

3) Learn to play every position. By learning them all, you will not only gain a proper respect for your teammates, but you will be better able to understand how to work as a team.

Should I teach skills, not drills?

Teach Skills, Not Just Systems

A common oversight among coaches is spending too much time learning "plays" and not enough time learning how to play. Teams do need to have organized offenses and plays, but it is far more important to be able to execute the fundamentals of movement, ballhandling, dribbling, passing and shooting than it is to know how to run through a particular offense. Along with all of the individual fundamentals, players need to understand the concept of "relative motion." That can best be described as realizing how one player fits into the space on the floor, given the "relative" positioning of the other players, both offense and defense. A player with this understanding will know how to move to get open, create proper spacing, passing angles, play good on ball defense and give good team defensive help.


Holding the Basketball

You begin by shaping each hand as though you are about to grab an object. Hold the ball so that only the pads of your finger touch the ball. Now hold the ball with your fingertips only. This drill will give your fingers a better feel for the basketball and allow you to have more control of the ball as well. Repeat this drill everyday.

What is the proper way to receive the basketball?

Receiving The Basketball

You begin by placing the ball on the floor or in a chair. Once this done you come up to the ball, stretch for the ball, grab the ball using your fingertips and pull the ball away. Grab the ball as though you were trying to take it from someone. Place the ball back on the floor or in the chair. Repeat this drill for 10 to 15 repetitions.

How do you pivot with a defender on you?

Learning How to Pivot With a Defender On You

The offense begins with the right foot as the pivot foot with the ball waist high. The defense tries to go after the ball without fouling. The defense should move around the offense for the ball instead of reaching for it. The offense pivots backward and forward holding the ball in different positions. The defense tries to take the ball for 10 seconds at a time. The offense should switch pivot feet, repeat the drill and switch to defense.

What is the proper wrist movement for basketball?

Proper Wrist Movement For Basketball

You begin by letting your arm hang loose at your sides. Your fingers should also be lose Turn your arm so that the back of your hand is facing backward. Using your arms, flick your wrist forward. Let them comback to the original position. This position simulates dribbling. Practice this drill for a couple of minutes a day.


Moving and Protecting The Ball

You begin by having two players set up two feet apart facing each other. The defense can move their feet. The offense cannot move their feet. The defense goes after the ball without fouling. If the defense fouls the offense, they stay on defense. The offense must move the ball quickly and keep the ball away from the defense. The offense can move the ball around, bend their knees and rotate their body. The offense calls the fouls. Repeat this drill for 15 seconds at a time.

How do you pivot with the ball?

Learning to Pivot With the Ball

Hold the ball waist high with your feet shoulder width apart. The right foot is your pivot foot. Take one step to the left and push the ball to the far left keeping the ball low to the ground and to the left of your foot. Pivot forward half way around and push the ball over your head. Repeat this sequence twice forward and twice backward with the same pivot foot. Switch pivot feet and repeat the drill.

What is the proper way to pivot?

Learning to Pivot Properly

You begin with the feet shoulder width apart. Start with the right foot as the pivot foot. Put all of your weight on the ball of the right foot. Now shift your weight to the left foot. Move your right foot forward making a circle around the left foot and swivel on the ball of the left foot. Make three turns each time. Now do the same thing moving backward. Do this exercise slowly and get a feel for the movement. Switch pivot feet using your left foot. Repeat this drill by doing 10 pivots for each foot.

Can a medicine ball help me with basketball?

Medicine Ball Drills

Medicine balls are a very good way to develop muscular strength specific to basketball. You can simulate the exact movements in basketball with a variety of exercises. An effective workout with medicine balls can be achieved in about 30 to 40 minutes, if the athlete works efficiently. Each session should be made up of 8 to 10 exercises with the athlete performing 2 to 3 sets of each exercise. If the athlete is to develop strength and muscular endurance then conduct 6 to 12 repetitions (reps) of each exercise. If the athlete is to develop muscular endurance rather than strength, then conduct 12 to 30 repetitions with a lighter ball.

Why are vertical jumping basketball skills important?

Vertical Jumping

One of the most important skills to develop in basketball is vertical jumping, for obvious reasons, like slam dunking that open shot. There are a wide variety of training materials and videos available to help the basketball player develop effective vertical jumping skills. Leg strength and agility skills can only help every level of basketball player wanting to improve their basketball skills.

How can Jumpsoles help improve my slam dunk basketball skills?

Slam Dunk Skills

Every basketball player wants to slam dunk just like the pros. The issue is muscle and skill development and of course, a lot of practice. Don't be afraid to look at training aids and products if you want to improve your slam dunk skills. With Jumpsoles training platforms, for example, basketball players can build up muscles in the lower leg, which can help improve their slam dunk skills by helping to improve their jumping skills. These improved jumping skills can also help you with rebounding, tip off and lay ups, so think about training and products to improve your skills.

What is the proper way to receive the ball in half court?

Receiving the Ball In the Half Court

You begin by placing a chair on one side of the half court line and placing a basketball on top of the chair. Place a chair on the other side of the half court line. Start at the side line, run and grab the ball from the chair and run to the other sideline. Now turn around and run to the other chair and place the ball on top of it and continue running to the other sideline. Grab the ball with your fingertips. Reverse directions and repeat the drill for 10 minutes.

Why are basketball drills important to the team?

Basketball Drills

Basketball drills are all important in developing a wide variety of skill and success on the basketball court. They can be developed for individuals and for team skills. Learning the right basketball drills can not only improve basketball performance, it can bring the players together into a cohesive and more successful team. There are tons of resources out there for finding the right team and skill building drills for your basketball team. Remember that the success of your chosen drill will depend on the age and ability of your players.

Why can Dribble Specs improve your dribbling skills?

Dribbling Tricks for Basketball

You can't move around the court well if you don't know how to dribble. Its not a skill that draws the most attention, like dunking, but every great player has mastered dribbling and controlling the ball with their hand and body. Like, skiing without poles, some players can't truly master dribbling until they stop looking at the ball. By not looking down, players tune in to their bodies and hands and stop depending on their eyes - which can then be put to better use in the game. There are products that can help you if you can't keep from looking down. Dribble Specs can break your bad habits and improve your court vision and your dribbling skills.

What is the proper way to recieve the ball on the full court.

Receiving the Ball in the Full Court

Begin by placing a chair on one side of the free throw line and a basketball on top of the chair. Repeat the same procedure at the other end of the court. Jog down the right side of the court, grab the ball and shoot a layup. Replace the ball in the chair and jog down the other side of the court and shoot a layup. Replace the ball in the chair. The ball is not to touch the ground. Repeat this drill for 10 minutes a day.

Why is training so important for developing the best basketball plays?

Basketball Plays

The best basketball plays take hours and hours of practice and development. Most professional players know the plays don't just happen, they make them happen with dedication and plenty of practice. Learn to make plays like the pros with training videos and books. There are so many available for all skill levels. Make sure you find videos that include technique explanations and demonstrations of your target skill and basketball videos that cover the right skill set for you or the basketball player in your life. Also, look around on the web for reviews of basketball videos, or ask your team coach for reccommendations.

Who are the best slam dunkers in the NBA?

Slam Dunk Contest

The best of the best in the NBA compete in a slam dunk contest every year that will knock your socks off. Rookies compete in their own contest, too. Atlanta rookie Josh Smith took top honors in the rookie category, and Golden State player Jason Richardson earned honors as the best all-time slam dunk champion.


How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

The Harlem Globe Trotters make it look easy. Even your little cousin can do it. Now it's your turn to wow onlookers. Follow these steps and you'll be spinning that basketball in no time.

Step 1: Preparations

Prepare by slightly deflating the ball. This increases the surface area and creates a "give" allowing your fingers to comfortably balance the ball, thus granting you effective control over it.

Step 2: Spin Set Up

Hold the ball with the seams in a vertical direction. Place your dominant hand on the far side while placing your other hand on the side facing you. Bend your elbows and keep them tucked close to your body. Hold the ball about four inches from your chin.

Step 3: Action time

Spin the ball by snapping both of your wrists. Start slowly. The goal is to ensure that the seams rotate without wobbling. While it's spinning, quickly get hold of the ball with the pad of your index finger. Repeat this until you are able to count to five without dropping it. You will improve as time goes by.

Step 4: Keep it rolling

On the pad of your finger, the ball tends to slow down in about eight seconds. To lengthen the spin time you'll have to move it to the tip of your nail in order to reduce friction. While the ball is spinning, bend your fingers slightly in your direction. Now slowly and steadily, move the ball to your fingernail.

For extra showmanship points, try moving the ball onto your free fingers as well.

If you're having a hard time mastering these steps, keep at it. Persistance pays off.

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