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Individual Training Tips

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how do I become a better dribbler?


Perform moves at full speed using alternate hands for each move . Practice right hand / left hand: stutter, cross-over, fake cross-over, through legs, behind back, spin-dribble, hesitation, and combination moves.

How can I get a better jump shot?

Shooting Progression

Because form is so important in shooting, work on making that form a habit is very important. An easy way to do this is to lie on your back and shoot the ball straight up into the air. It is very easy to check on the position of the ball, follow through, and rotation. The ball should go straight up and come straight down with proper back spin. This will build "muscle memory" in the drills to follow.

how do I develop a big man?

Mikan Drill

Named after the first real big man in the NBA, George Mikan. From beneath the basket, make a layup with the right hand, grab the ball out of the net and make a layup with the left hand. Continue to repeat this for a specified time(usually 30 seconds or a minute), alternating hands. Eventually the player will develop a rhythm, and grab the ball as they are taking their two steps to shoot the next shot.

where can I find a personal trainer?

Add to Your Game

Find a basketball skill, physical trait, or even a psychological tendency to improve on prior to next season. After thoroughly assessing your skills, using a form such as the one found at Take a good hard look at the things that you scored low on. Evaluate your game and come up with a new wrinkle that will compliment it. A good shooter may need to work on penetration skills, or vice-versa. Someone that finishes strong can add to their mid-range game with a pull up jumper. Maybe ballhandling needs to be an area of improvement. Certain players simply need to develop a mind set of concentration when it comes to defensive positioning, or rebounding responsibilities, or make a concious effort to improve on some cognitive skill such as understanding the offense, passing angles, shot selection, and proper timing. A player may also need to really hit the weight room or work on a particular area of physical conditioning. Whatever area is focused on should be trained diligently and next season you`ll be a much improved player.

Can you give me suggestions on the health and safety aspects to consider during practice and games?

A Ounce of Prevention

Taking time to consider safety before you step on the court can save you from many injuries.

First and foremost, take time to stretch and warm up slowly every time you step on the court - think about each muscle group and stretch them all thoroughly. Remember - the professionals all do this every time and so should you.

Another way to avoid injury is to protect yourself - a mouth guard is an excellent idea, and many teams encourage or require players to wear ankle braces to avoid turned or sprained ankles.

The more time you take to protect yourself now, the less time you'll spend sitting the bench with an injury.

how do I become a better dribbler?

Kentucky Dribbling Workout

Make each move from a position outside the 3-pt arc. Always start on the right side. Make the move to the basket. Use the moves with lay ups, power lay up and jump shots, rebound, dribble out and make the same move out to the other side. Repeat.When using with jump shots take 1 or 2 dribbles by the defender before shooting. Make the moves in this section at GAME speed.

*** You can also do these moves at the top of the key, using right and left hand.

We have alot of talented guys on our team, but tonight we just couldn't move the ball around. The other team pressed a good bit and we couldn't get the ball inside or even move it around the perimeter without a turnover. None of our guards could drive in. What do you recomend?

Insider Tips

The best way to work on getting the ball inside is to focus on the outside. To work the ball inside, you want to spread their defense out, and the best way to do that is by spreading your offense out wider.

On the perimeter, set screens for your three point shooter. If he can't get an open shot, you will have at least opened up the inside as the defenders move outward.

where can I find a personal trainer?

Personal Trainers

Players need to put in extra time if they want to become a better basketball player. Many players have begun to hire personal coaches to help them practice their skills, outside of their normal basketball practice. These coaches will put players through additional workouts with individual attention that can advance players to the next level of skill development. Players should make sure that the coaches are qualified before they invest money in lessons.

Why is the Dr. Dish basketball drill machine like another player on the court?

Dr. Dish Basketball Training Machine

Dr. Dish is a revolutionary basketball training machine that helps improve throwing, rebounding, and ball handling skills. Dr. Dish helps with any coach's basketball drill, and acts like another player on the court. The machine throws passes from underneath the basket or anywhere else on the court for excellent skill training during any basketball drill practice.

How can a Shoot-a-Way basketball training machine improve player's shooting and shooting arch?

Shoot-a-Way Basketball Training Machine

The Shoot-a-Way™ is an efficient and fun way to give basketball players concentrated shooting practice. The Shoot-a-Way consolidates shooting practice, gives the basketball player more balls to shoot in a shorter time frame, and helps players improve their shooting percentage and shooting arch. It even helps motivate players during the off-season!

Why is the McCall's basketball rebounding training machine the best on the market?

McCall Basketball Rebounding Machine

The McCall's Rebounder machine helps sharpen and hone rebounding skills. This basketball training machine can help players improve their timing, strength, balance, and experience under the basketball rim. Coaches and experts agree it's the best rebound training machine on the market.

how do I become a better dribbler?


Dribble with your right hand for a right hand lay-up; dribble out left handed to left elbow(corner of the key and the free throw line)and back in for a left hand lay-up and continue alternating hands. Do the drill for 1 minute. Dribble and shoot with alternating hands and go for SPEED, but still under control

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