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Triple Threat Position Tips

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Blow-by into Jumpshot

The great thing about Triple Threat is that any movement is seen as a threat from a defender's perspective, so it's very easy to get the defender on his heels, leading to scoring opportunities. This is a great counter-move to the blow-by move in this same section.

Breakdown going to the right: The move starts off exactly like the Blow-By. Once you take that first dribble to the right, you will immediately plant your right foot, pushing back against your momentum. At the same time you will cross the ball over between your legs, going from your right hand to your left hand. Once the ball is crossed back and into your left hand, pull up and shoot the wide open jumper.

The key is to sell the drive because the defender will have to respect it, leading to a wide open jumper. Master the quickness of the crossover, and master getting the ball into your left shooting pocket(if you're a right handed shooter). The dribble itself should sell the drive, you really don't have to move toward the rim to sell the drive. Quick dribble, push off your right foot, crossover to your shooting pocket, and drain the J.



One of the requirements of Triple Threat is the ability to shoot from this position. Usually after I beat a guy with a blow-by move from triple threat, the defender will overplay the drive. This is when I use a solid jab step to free some space, then I pull up and drill the J in their eye. Once this is done, the defender is at your mercy. You can use shot-fakes, blow-by's, jab-n-pops. He really can't do anything with you if you can comfortably shoot from this position, so put in the work necessary. I can't emphasize this enough.


Blow-By Out of the Triple Threat

After mastering the Triple Threat and feeling comfortable with it, you can now begin blowing by your opponents from the position. The blow-by is similar to the stutter step from the Ball Handling Moves section, with the main difference being that you do not have the luxury of setting up your opponent with a dribble. It's basically you getting off the blocks quicker than him, which should be no problem if you put these tips to good practice.

Breakdown of the move going right: 1) Head is of course looking forward, it's triple threat. Right before the blow-by, I might look inward or toward the hoop. Remember, always show the defender the opposite. 2) Shoulders are protecting when necessary. Ball is firmly tucked. 3) Your left foot is your pivot. Your right foot is going to set this move up. Instead of using a between the legs crossover to set up your defender like the Stutter Step, you are instead going to use a variety of jab steps to get him off balance. When I use the setup jab, I will take the step a little further than normal. Let him get comfortable with this long jab, it's your setup. Now, (much like it's off the dribble counterpart), I use a half jab, tapping the foot, before extending into a full step. Your left foot is of course your explosion point. After blowing by, I make a quick hard dribble outward, away from the defender. Again, push east-west with your initial move before turning it toward the hoop.

WARNING: One of the more difficult aspects of the move is keeping your left foot planted until the ball is dribbled. Many players get overly excited and either lift or slide the pivot foot too early. Practice keeping the foot down, develop the balance for optimal explosion. Being able to shoot from triple threat is important when using the dribble moves from this position. Using head fakes will create opportunities off the dribble, but again, you must be able to comfortably shoot, or the head fake will lose its value.


Weakside Blow-By

Similar to the previous Blow-By move, only instead of going to your strong side, or the side you're opened up toward, you will be going in the opposite direction. From the TT position you will again be using the jab-step to setup this move. The weak side blow-by is most effective when the defender starts cheating to your strong side. You have to make a defender pay for trying to overplay one side. This is the move to do it.

Here is a breakdown going right to left: 1) Head is forward. To setup the move I will make a quick glance to the right before going the other direction. 2) Shoulders are squared up. During the move, the ball shifts from your right side to your left side, so the right shoulder should dip around the defender as quickly as possible. 3) The ball starts off tight to your right hip. When changing directions, secure the ball tightly, and quickly swing the ball through to your outside before putting the ball down. This is important, because you are putting the ball in front of the defender, you're inviting the steal attempt, so ball security is of utmost importance. 4) Footwork. As your right foot retreats from your last jab step, you want to pull the foot straight back, slightly behind your pivot foot. This allows for the proper spacing and the proper direction of your explosion. The right foot will therefore be your explosion point, pushing you forward and to the left.

Work on getting everything swung through to the weak side. From your shoulders, to the ball, to your explosion foot. They should all change directions fast and efficiently, so that you can easily get past the defender. This is one move that I direct more AT the defender instead of east-west. The goal of this move is to get your right shoulder around the defender. When that is done, he is done. Go to the bucket strong, and finish stronger.


"True" Triple Threat

The key to triple threat starts before you even receive the ball. Many coaches teach their players, incorrectly I might add, that whatever side of the court they're on dictates which foot is their lead foot or "pivot" foot. THIS IS WRONG in my opinion. You should catch the ball so you are opened up toward your shooting hand.

Example: If you are right handed then before catching a pass you should lead with your left foot and upon catching the ball keep your left foot planted, thus making your left foot the pivot foot. Ball should be tucked on your left hip, thus making a natural shooting motion as you raise up for the shot. It is only from this position that a player can comfortably shoot, not doing so makes you a double-threat since you have to bring the ball across your body to get into shooting position, making it unnatural and awkward to shoot the ball. Practice receiving the ball so you are opened up toward your shooting hand and you will attain "true" triple threat position.



The Triple Threat Position, in my opinion, is the most important offensive concept to master, which is which is why I've dedicated an entire section to it. Again, the triple threat is an offensive position that allows you three different options: 1)dribble, 2)pass, and 3)shoot. As you receive the ball, turn toward the basket, tuck the ball to your hip. Your back foot is your pivot foot, your front foot is free to move. It doesn't matter if you're a 5 foot point guard or a 7 foot center, the triple threat is a must-have offensive weapon that should be in every great players' arsenal. Master the triple threat and you will be an offensive force for years to come.


Shot Fake into Weakside Blow-by

This is one of my favorites from the Triple Threat position. It helps if you've hit a couple of jumpers on the defender, but even if you haven't, this move is extremely explosive. The reason: as you commit to the shot fake, your weight falls on your "free" foot (the foot that is not your pivot), allowing for a natural momentum to explode off of.

Here's a breakdown going to the left(left pivot foot): The head fully commits to the shot fake. Raise the head in an exaggerated manner, looking at the rim as you do so to completely sell the shot. The ball is tucked to your left hip to begin with, as you raise your head the ball should be brought up tightly to your chest to help sell the shot fake. I emphasize "tightly" because your exposing it to the defender, ball security is very important at this point. As all this is happening, the weight of your body should naturally lean back, so your right foot will slip directly behind you. This right foot will stop your backward momentum and it will also be used as your explosion point. As your body weight falls onto your right foot, you want to use this momentum to explode to the left and around your defender. Once this is done, tuck your right shoulder around the defender and go North-South with the dribble.

This move is an easy one to learn and master for as explosive as it is. Learn to sell the shot fake, and then use your backwards momentum to explode by the defender with.

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