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Various Basketball Accessories Tips

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Which basketball coaching accessories can give you an edge?

Video Cameras - Underestimated Basketball Coaching Accessories

When it comes to basketball accessories, most coaches have their dry-erase marker board and their whistle. Coaching a basketball team is a greatly about relating to your players and getting them to understand how you see the game. To that end, perhaps the most underused basketball coaching accessory is a plain old VCR. Visual learning has always been effective and from Sesame Street to the evening news, we all learn visually throughout our lives. Tape your games. Make sure your players can watch themselves from an outside perspective. This can make them learn from mistakes and fine tune their individual and team games. Video cameras and VCRs are perhaps the most under-used basketball coaching accessories out there.

What are the best and least expensive basketball court accessories?

Cones - The Best Basketball Court Accessories

Every now and then new fads in basketball court accessories and basketball coaching accessories come on the scene. These can be effective and are definitely expensive, but more and more they are focused on a single training skill. If you are looking for time-tested coaching tools, small cones are the most versatile basketball accessories available. Use the cones for dribbling drills. Use them to teach your players set offenses. Use them for conditioning training. The number of drills that can be done with just a few of these inexpensive cones cannot be calculated. Every day, coaches are discovering and designing new ways to use these classic basketball accessories.

How can I find the basketball coaching accessory that that fits my coaching style?

Basketball Coaching Accessories - Beyond Whistles and Markerboards

Over time, coaching accessories have ranged from a pad of paper to draw up plays on to a towel to chew on the let your players know how you are feeling about their performance. Every coach seems to find the right basketball accessories for their style of coaching. How can you find yours? The greatest coaches carefully examine their own coaching style and choose their coaching accessories accordingly. If you are an aggressive motivator, but you like to keep your voice, a megaphone can be a very effective accessory. If you have a more soft spoken style, a whistle would suffice. The key is to look at the coach you want to be, and the right coaching accessories will come to you. And of course, don't forget to choose the most important basketball coaching accessories very carefully; your assistant coaches.

How should I choose my basketball team's uniforms?

Basketball Uniforms - More Than Just Accessories

In any league, every basketball hoop is the same height from the floor, every free throw line is the same distance from the baseline, and every basketball is the same size. So why are there so many variations of basketball uniforms? The reason is simple; the rules do not dictate uniforms. It is important that your basketball team feel comfortable in their uniforms and, often, this means that different teams want different basketball uniforms. Because your players need freedom of movement to play their best, you should consider their uniforms as more than just basketball accessories. Make sure that your basketball team is comfortable with the length of their shorts and sleeves. The right uniform will make your individual players happier and your collective team better.

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