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Shooting Drills Tips

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How do you shoot with a higher arch?

Learning to Shoot With A Higher Arch

The key to learning how to shoot with a higher arch is to use your legs and not your arms to add height to the ball, as you flick your wrists. Flick the ball two to five feet high. The player can catch the ball with two hands as it comes down. After you practice this for two minutes, shoot the ball four to 10 feet straight up using the wrists and legs. Practice this drill for two minutes.

Can you advise me on how to improve the arch to my shot? One day my shot will be right then the next day it won't.

Golden Arches

As many ballers know, a great arch is the sign of a sweet shot, so perfecting yours is a key to your game. To perfect a great arch to your shot, you want to think about pushing up as you shoot, instead of pushing out. One great way to practice this is to have someone stand in front of you holding a tennis racquet or broom up in front of you as you shoot. Because you will need enough arch to get over the racquet/broom, this will help you develop a great high arch to your shot.

What is the two inch shot for proper alignment?

The Two Inch Shot Drill

Begin by squaring up to the basket in the direction that you are going to shoot. Your arms should make a right angle with your shoulder and your fingers pointing in the direction that you are going to shoot. Two inches in front of the rim, shoot the ball without stepping backward using your wrist and your legs. Move from the right of the basket, to the center of the basket, to the left of the basket and then back to the right. The ball does not hit the ground during this drill. You are not to do any dribbling.

how do I become a better shooter?


A great way to practice your shooting is to play a game against yourself called 7-Up. Start by taking a shot that you have to make seven consecutive times before moving on. For instance, when starting out, you might want to shoot layups. If at any time you miss, start over until you have hit seven consecutive. After hitting seven consecutive shots, move on to a slightly more difficult shot that you have to hit six consecutive times. Continue shooting until you are shooting a shot that you have to make just one time. Remember, each shot should be slightly more challenging than the last. You can get quite a good workout this way.

What is a drill I can do to better my shooting form?

Form Shooting Drill

A great way for young players to work on their form is to shoot the ball back and forth to each other. Each youngster should sit in a chair facing each other, then try to shoot to their partner´s head. They can then "shoot" the ball back and forth, trying to hit the target. They can check each other for proper shooting techniques, but there isn´t the pressure of having to put the ball in the basket.

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