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Basketball Plays

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Why is training so important for developing the best basketball plays?

Basketball Plays

The best basketball plays take hours and hours of practice and development. Most professional players know the plays don't just happen, they make them happen with dedication and plenty of practice. Learn to make plays like the pros with training videos and books. There are so many available for all skill levels. Make sure you find videos that include technique explanations and demonstrations of your target skill and basketball videos that cover the right skill set for you or the basketball player in your life. Also, look around on the web for reviews of basketball videos, or ask your team coach for reccommendations.



1/4/2007 12:05:34 AM
Jason said:

I recently started playing basketball with some friends, I admit I'm really not very good. Where I play at the guys see this and never ever want to pass me the ball because their afraid I'll miss. It has been very frustrating latley. People yelling at me telling me what to do and all they really are is ball hogs. I want my game to progress because I now enjoy the game that I was denied in High School, those people and coaches were the same, yes I was a bench warmer and never played so I went to wrestling instead. But the game is fun but I don't know the moves or anything. Please Help and send me some feedback. Thank You! Jason, Las Vegas NV


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