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Speed Training Tips

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What can I do to make me feel stronger and be more agressive out on the court?

Be Aggressive!

All developing ball players should incorporate a regimen of weight lifting and strength training into their practice routine.

Strength is also developed through increasing your flexibility, range of motion, and resistance stretching (i.e. pushups, crunches, sit-ups, lunges, and jumping drills).

You want to not only build your core, but your upper arms and lower legs as well.

This will increase your overall strength, confidence, and ability to shoot and rebound against strong opposition. Aggressiveness and confidence are by-products of this training and experience.

Why can basketball speed and agility training give me an edge over my opponents?

Basketball Speed and Agility Training

Basketball speed and agility training can make you lighter on your feet and a worthy opponent on the court. It can give you the edge you need in the game you love. There are many techniques available to the player who wants to gain the edge over other teams. One of the best ways to train for speed is to give yourself natural resistance when you are sprint training. Find a steep hill and sprint to the top and ease your breathing by walking down. By training this way, when it comes time to sprint down the court, it will seem easy!

What would you say is the best warm-up drill, quickness drill, and 3 point shooting?

Drill Sergeant

Good quickness drills include running pyramids (also known as suicides) and performing repetitive lay-ups.

Three-point drills are best done with a partner. Have them rebound and pass to you as you shoot five shots from the baseline, five from the wing, and five from the top of the key - then you rebound for him as he does the same.

To warm up in general, do a similar partner drill that has you shooting from key points around the court as someone rebounds for you.

Why do I need to develop lateral speed for basketball?

Lateral Speed Training

Speed on the basketball court is essential, but so is developing lateral speed and agility. There are many tools available to help the serious basketball player develop this key court advantage, including Lateral Power Trainers and Power Boxes. In order to dodge and move in any sport, especially basketball, you need to develop muscles and instincts for moving side to side, backwards and forwards and in circles to get around your opponent. There are many drills for training in these skills, but don't be afraid to try out some tools and watch some training videos for pointers.

What is basketball overspeed training and why do I need it?

Overspeed Training

Resistance is the key to almost all speed training. To develop a longer stride while developing more speed you might look at something like the overspeed trainer. This device is used by two athletes, one creating resistance for another, and it helps develop more stamina on the court, too. These assisted resistance trainers can help your starts and acceleration as well.

What is the basketball Dot Drill Mat, and how can it increase my speed?

Basketball Speed Training Drill

There are many basketball drills that can increase speed and agility. The Dot Drill Mat is an interesting tool that the entire team can use and benefit from. It helps improve reaction time and foot speed by directing players to jump from dot to dot as quickly and accurately as possible. Coaches often put several mats together to add variety to a team drill.

What is speed training important in basketball?

Basketball Speed Training

Speed training in basketball can give you an edge over your opponents. You need to beat your opponent to the ball or to the rebound. Find out how to develop the best speed training techniques by researching all of the potential tools and techniques that are available to you. Of course, like all skills, the best way to improve is to practice and work hard!

What is the Jumpsoles Complex Program, and how can it benefit the entire basketball team?

Basketball Drills Specifically for Speed

Are you the player who is always sucking wind to keep up with the natural speed demon athletes? You can improve your speed with training and drills. Basketball drills for speed training are many and varied. One of the best is the Jumpsoles Complex Advanced Speed Training Program. This program offers two intense training drills that focus on speed and accelerating and the program includes 41 specific exercises that will benefit that can help individuals and teams reach their speed goals.

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