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Various Basketball Videos and Training Aids Tips

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Can a basketball shooting video help improve my shooting?

Improve Your Shooting with Basketball Shooting DVDs

Repetition is the key to improving your shooting. There are many basketball shooting DVDs out there to help you with technique. But no basketball DVD can make you go outside and shoot 1,000 shots a day. If you need help with your technique, find a shooting DVD that can instruct you on how to fine-tune your shot. After honing your technique, get a ball and a hoop and shoot, shoot, shoot. Larry Bird said that when he was young, he would shoot over 1,000 shots a day, from all over the court. That worked pretty well for him, wouldn't you say? If you want to improve your shooting, practice, practice, practice.

How can I find basketball videos that can help improve my game?

Basketball Videos that will Help Your Game

If you are like most, you learn the best through visual learning and instruction. To help you, there have been many basketball videos developed that will assist you in bettering your skills. Whether you want to learn how to dribble better or shoot better, professional trainers have the videos for you. Since the days of black and white film, there have been basketball training videos covering passing, defense, ball-handling, and much more. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Figure out where the weakness is in your game and get a training video that fits your needs.

How do I become a better shooter?

The Swish Video & DVD "A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting"

"Swish" is available as both a 56-minute Video and a 56 -minute DVD, covering two kinds of shots: jump shots and free throws. These shots are where the decline in shooting proficiency in the game today is most evident. Swish is a complete package ... all you'll need (plus a ball and basket, of course) to coach yourself or others in great shooting. The principles are easy to understand. There are not a lot of rules and tips and shoulds and shouldn'ts, but rather simple "wisdom" about how to control the flight of a basketball.

Will an instructional basketball video benefit my players?

Basketball Instructional Videos - A Great Way to Learn The Game

When I was teaching my son the game of basketball, basketball instructional videos sure made my life easier. It isn't hard to get kids to watch the television these days, so I took advantage of this by purchasing instructional basketball videos for him to watch. What he learned about dribbling, passing, defensive positioning, and rebounding was astounding. Since then, I recommend basketball instructional videos to anyone who is looking to teach the game at any level. Rent or buy some basketball videos for your players, and your coaching job will get easier overnight.

How can basketball videos help me coach my players?

Teach Your Players Through Basketball Videos

Few coaches can successfully coach their team without some help. Basketball videos are one of the best coaching aids available. These are more than just a way to teach fundamentals to your players. With the easy access to video cameras today, filming your player practices and games for later review can give your players insight into their game that they would have no other way of seeing. If you have the ability, get an assistant who can film more than just a broad view of the court. When basketball players can see themselves from afar, they will better understand how they should be fitting in to different offensive and defensive schemes. Combine this with basketball training videos from professionals, and have at least one practice session a week that is nothing more than players sitting in front of a TV and DVD player.

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