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Ball Handling Drills Tips

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Tennis Ball Dribbling

One of the more effective, but unkown ball handling drills is the use of Tennis Balls. If I had to choose one drill to improve ball handling, this would be it. At first it seems difficult, but after time you will begin to master the tennis ball and have much more conrol over your basketball handles.

Start with stationary drills. Alternate dribbling 5 times with your right, then 5 times with your left. It's ok to look down at the ball in the beginning. Try to use your fingertips to dribble the tennis balls, you have more control with the smaller tennis ball.

Now go to walking while dribbling the tennis ball, again alternating hands. When you have mastered this, go to sprints, again alternating hands. At this point you should work on keeping your head up while dribbling.

Your next progression would be to dribble two tennis balls at the same time. This is HIGHLY advanced. Only the best ball handlers in the world can comfortably accomplish this. Hopefully you can get there after plenty of hard work.

How do I practice my ballhandling?

Figure 8

This is a drill to practice your ballhandling. Dribble the ball as quickly as possible in a figure 8 through and around the legs. Use the fingers when you dribble, and dribble very low and quickly. Switch from the right to the left and back to the right. Example: start with the right hand dribbling the ball in front and then dribble through your legs with your right hand, switch to your left hand and dribble from the back, around your left side to the front and back through you legs... then switch to your right hand behind the body and around the right side. Try to go as fast as possible, and your dribbling skills will improve with daily practice.

What is a drill to work on my ballhandling?


This is a drill to work on your ballhandling. Hold the ball between your legs, with both hands on the ball, right hand in front and left hand in back. Quickly switch your hands,(now left hand in front and right hand in the back), without letting the ball touch the ground. Do as quickly as possible...this drill is one of the hardest to master... but it just takes lots of practice.

how do I dribble faster?

Power-Dribbling-3 chair Dribbling

Set up 3 chairs or cones in a line, spacing each chair/cone 10 feet apart. Power dribble around the chairs/cones in different shapes, such as figure-eights, circles, or any shape. Use your imagination.

How do I practice my ballhandling?

The Spider

This is another ballhandling drill that seems very difficult at first, but with daily practice, will improve your handles. While keeping the ball between your legs, you touch the ball once with your right hand(fingers) in front, then with your left hand(fingers) in front, then with your right behind you, and then with your left behind you. Continue in this manner as fast as possible. Before long, you will master this skill.

How can I increase agility with my ball handling?

Crab Walk

This drill can go from baseline to half court. Step forward with your left leg and pass the ball from your right hand to your left under your left leg. As you take your next step with your right leg, pass the ball from your left hand to your right under your right leg. Continue this pattern all the way down the floor and back.

How can I learn to advance the ball under pressure?


A good drill to use to better your dribbling under pressure is to try to advance the ball against two defenders. This will force you to use a variety of manuevers while being alert to the defense.

What is a drill I can do to get a better feel for ball handling?

Around the World

Around the World: Circling the basketball first around your head, than your waist, Finally, put your legs together and take the ball around both legs at the knees. Then spread your legs, bend at the waist, and take the ball around one leg. Then the other. This will give you a feel for the basketball and help you become more comfortable in your ball handling. A good hand speed and coordination drill, also great conditioner for your arms

How do I improve my dribbling?

Power-Dribbling While Blindfolded

Wrap a cloth around your head as a blindfold, or you could simply close your peeking. Power dribble a ball for at least 60 seconds. This drill helps you enhance your tactile sense of the ball. You can enhance the drill by performing it in the center of a deserted basketball court, walking around while dribbling. To make the drill even more challenging, try power dribbling two balls, one in each hand, while being blindfolded and slowly walking around a deserted basketball court.

How do I develop fingertip control for dribbling?

Up The Ladder

Hold the ball out in front of you and pass it back from hand to hand using only your finger tips. Go from out in front of your waist to above your head and back. This will help you develop the finger tip control that you will need to properly handle the ball.

how do I become a better dribbler?

Stationary Dribbles:

stationary dribbles: Crouch down in defensive position and dribble the ball at a moderate height (about 2 feet off ground), then at a high height (shoulder level), and finally low (about 4 inches off the ground) - do with both hands. Change the speed and the "rhythm" of the dribble as you go.

How do I improve my dribbling?

Multiple ball dribbling

Practice dribbling with more than one basketball at the same time. Try switching the balls by going behind the back and through the legs. When you get good with two balls move up to three. Try to keep all of them bouncing at all times. It isn`t easy. This will help you be more comfortable dribbling through traffic in a real game situation.

How do I practice my ballhandling?

Situp Dribble

While doing bent-knee situps, dribble up with your right hand as you sit up, and around your feet, then switch hands to your left as you go back down, and then dribble with your left hand as you sit up, back around your feet, switching back to your right hand. Continue as quickly as possible.

how do I dribble faster?

Power dribbling-Double ball

Power dribble two balls, one in each hand. This will increase your arm strength for dribbling and enhance your dribbling control. Since you can`t look at both hands at the same time, this drill will also practice your ability to power dribble without looking at the ball.

how do I become a better dribbler?

Between the Legs Scissors

To start this basketball drill, place your left foot ahead of your right and bounce the ball between your legs from your right hand to your left. As the ball gets to your left hand shift your feet so that your right leg goes ahead of your left and bounce the ball back between your legs. This shifting of your feet will occur with every bounce.

How do I improve my dribbling?

Power dribbling - 10-5 repeat drill

This drill exercises power dribbling with one hand at a time. Choose which hand your would like to practice. Power dribble for 10 seconds, then soft dribble for 5 seconds. Repeat multiple times. This exercise teaches your arm muscles how to alternate between various dribbling speeds that occur during game play.

how do I become a better dribbler?

Machine Gun

machine gun: Builds coordination and gives you a good feel for the ball. Dribble very low and very fast. Vary the angle at which you strike the ball.

How am I stronger with my hands


Handsmacking is a drill that is used for the game of basketball. Strengthening your hands is important for all areas of the game. Handsmacking is a drill that allows you to strengthen your hands and fingers. You bounce the ball and then rock it in your hands back and forth. It is appropriate to do this exercise for approximately three minutes each day. You will notice a significant difference with your hands, which are important for this game. Handsmacking is used by coaches and taught in clinics. The drill called handsmacking will make every part of your game better. If you smack the ball between your hands and allow your fingers to hold the ball stronger, you will notice an improvement in your playing. Drills are important for players and making sure your hands are strong will also help your ball handling skills.

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