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Various Basketball Hoops Tips

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How can I learn to shoot more precisely using my regular basketball hoop?

Make Your Standard Basketball Hoop Challenge You More

Aside from those games at the local fair, basketball hoops are the same size in diameter. For players who desire to be real sharp-shooters, there are basketball hoop accessories that are made to enhance your skills. The most effective of these tools are 'second-rims' that fit inside of your standard basketball rim. These make the basketball hoop diameter a little smaller, and therefore force you to be more accurate to sink the shot. Practicing your shooting with one of these on your hoop will provide you with more challenging drills. At first, these can be frustrating, but stick it out and you will reap the benefits.

What is the history of the basketball hoop?

The Basketball Hoop

Many people don't know why basketball called a 'basket'-ball. Well, the answer is simple, when basketball was invented the hoop was an actual basket. A peach basket to be precise. There was no net or even, originally, a backboard. As time went on, the basic backboard became bigger until it reached a similar proportion to what we see used today. The net was added after the rules were changed to dictate a circular rim, or hoop. The basketball hoop has seen many changes since Dr. Naismith created the game, but the game remains the same - put the ball into the 'basket'.

How can I make my basketball hoop safer for my players?

Basketball Hoop Accessories to Protect Your Arms & Wrists

With more players skying high these days to throw the ball down, the classic metal basketball rim can do major damage to wrists and forearms. To protect your player's when they are trying to 'be like Mike', get a basketball hoop rim softener. These accessories will make the rim on your hoop less dangerous without affecting the shots that come off the rim too greatly. The game is not gonna be played below the rim like it used to any time soon. Do what you can to make sure that the advances in the game don't lead to setbacks in player health. These are for practice only, but they can help teach your players what to avoid during real game situations.

Why get a mini basketball hoop?

Mini Basketball Hoops - Great Office Accessories

When you sit in an office for most of your day, what are the best ways to relieve a little stress towards the end of the day. For me, the little mini basketball hoop that hangs on my door always hits the spot. A few people in my office have the mini hoops that you can put on your garbage pail. Myself, I prefer the mini basketball hoop that I have to shoot over my head to make a goal. Even my clients can't help but take a shot or two themselves when we are in meetings. If you are looking for a great office accessory, get yourself a mini basketball hoop, you won't regret it.

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