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Injuries in Basketball Tips

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How do I prevent ankle injuries?

Ankle Strength

A problem common in the game of basketball is sprained ankles. A good way to strengthen your ankles is to walk on all sides of your feet. Roll your ankles to the outside and walk on the outside of your foot; reverse this and walk on the inside of your foot; then walk on yor toes; finally, walk on your heels. While this won't completely eliminate ankle sprains, it will help prevent some.

Why is it necessary to warm up?

Warm Up

Be sure to always get in a proper warm up before playing. You should be perspiring after your warm up. Failure to warm up properly will cause you to get winded at the beginning of the game. This can put you at a serious disadvantage.

Why do you stretch before you play?


Basketball is a game that requires flexibility. The only way to gain and maintain flexibility is through proper stretching. Stretch all of your muscles before a workout (and after if you are weight training). Stretch to the point of resistance, hold for at least three seconds, then repeat. Do not rock back and forth or bob during stretching.

When should I come back from an injury?

Dealing with Injuries

There are a number of things to consider when attempting to come back from injury. First, what part of the season is it? Better to sit out a few days in the preseason than risk further injury. Secondly, the severity of the injury needs to be considered. You may not be able to play at 100%, but you should only come back if you are not risking more serious injury. Finally, you should consult with a trainer or physician when deciding when to come back,

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