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Improving Agility Tips

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How can I increase my speed through agility training?

Agility Training for Speed

There are many ways to increase your speed through agility training. For the most effective workout, vary your exercises between classic sprint training, and more advanced agility training drills and equipment. Let's cover classic training with windsprints, which have always worked to increase speed and agility. Start from one baseline and sprint to the closest freethrow line and back. The move on to the halfcourt line and back. Next is the far free throw line and back. And finally the opposite baseline and back. Make sure you sprint at all times and that when you reach each line, you bend down and touch the line with both hands. Performing this speed agility training exercise correctly will definitely help your game.

What agility equipment can help my passing?

Strengthen Your Passes with the Right Agility Equipment

If you are looking to strengthen your forearms and the muscles, agility equipment is out there for you. There are many options for agility training with the goal of more accurate and stronger passing ability, but one particular drill will increase your strength more than any other. A 'wrist rolling' agility tool makes you focus on all of those important muscles we mentioned above. You simply hold your arms straight out in front of you and, well, roll. A stick or dowel is attached to a string, which is attached to a weight. By using only your forearms to roll the string and weight all the way up, your forearms are forced to do all of the work. Using this and other specific agility equipment and drills will quickly increase your strength in shooting, passing, and ball handling.

What are the real benefits of agility training?

Benefits of Agility Training

Agility training is at the core of any athlete's endurance level. If you want to last longer without getting winded or jump higher before landing back on the ground, agility is the key. Most athletes have their careers cut short because of injury or fatigue. Agility training will reduce your risk of injury and give you the extra wind you need to make it through a long season. Proper agility training will give you more flexibility and let your body take on the abuses that can come in any competitive sport. Take advantage of the advanced agility training accessories and drills that are out there and make the most of your game.

How much can an agility ladder help my agility training?

Agility Ladders - The Best All Around Agility Training Accessories

As with any training utility, the more uses you can get from a single tool, the more that tool is worth. Agility ladders give you so many uses in agility training that they are easily worth as much as any accessory. Agility ladders can help you train for speed, strength, power, and all around athletic control over your body. Use them for high-stepping drills to increase power and strength. Use them for change of direction exercises to increase speed and control. The versatility of the agility ladder is in a league of its own and should be a staple of any serious agility training program.

What are the most effective ways to do my agility drills?

Essentials to Agility Drills in your Agility Training

There are certain things that are essential to your agility drills and agility training. First, make sure that you are properly warmed up, stretched, and prepared for your drills. Flexibility is key and warming up before hard training is very important. Next, be sure that when you do your agility drills, you do them at full speed. Train with game-like conditions and you will be better prepared for your games. Most importantly, for agility training, keep moving! A strict set of agility drills should be done in sequence with as little pausing as necessary. Keep that heart rate up, and you will get the benefits of agility training you are looking for.

What is an effective agility training exercise to improve my basketball team's agility?

Effective Basketball Agility Training at Any Level

Agility is important in any sport. In basketball, agility training is of extreme importance because of the tempo of the game. No matter what your level of play, you must instill effective agility training in yourself and your teammates if you want to play at your best potential. When it comes to agility training, the oldest methods are still strong. The agility training that you can get from simple medicine ball exercises are as effective as they were in the 1950s. There are, however, new basketball agility training exercises and tools offered by many companies. These new agility tools take advantage of scientific study and advances to truly hone your agility training. What is most important is that you choose agility training that is comfortable for you.

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