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Various Ankle Supports Tips

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Why is athletic ankle support crucial for young athletes?

Athletic Ankle Support

Ankle support for athletes is extremely important, especially for young, growing athletes with immature bones. Athletic ankle support not only gives the athlete an edge in movement and stability, it helps support young, growing bones and muscles so they mature correctly. The best thing to do for ankle support is to train and work out to improve your strength and flexibility. If you need an extra boost, though, look to an ankle brace.

Why is ankle support so important in basketball?

Ankle Support

Ankle support is crucial to good basketball play and your own good health. The best ankle supports are made of neoprene and they not only support your ankle but increase your bounce, make your landings softer and keep your muscles warm. We all get injured at one time or another, and ankle supports are key to basketball players who are constantly stressing their joints with jumping and running.

Why are ankle braces recommended for injured ankles?

Ankle Braces and Support

For injuries, practice, and play, the best ankle braces and support must hold the ankle firmly and protect it from injury. The Active Ankle Brace allows for great motion but will not allow lateral twisting. It's recommended especially for injured ankles. You should give your ankle time to heal, but if you can't miss that big game then you want to make sure you are looking for a brace that caters to injury and not just a warmth or support brace.

What are the two ways to provide ankle support?

Two Ways to Support Your Ankle

Learn the two basic ways to correctly support your ankle for the best results when you play basketball. Even the best basketball shoes need additional ankle support.

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