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Fast Break in Basketball Tips

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How do I run the fast break?

Run the Floor!

Always try to outrun your opponent on the fast break. Worst case scenario you make your defender work harder than they want to. Best case, you get a wide open gorrilla dunk.

How do you advance the ball up the floor?

Look up the floor

On the fast break the player with the ball should look up at all times. This allows the dribbler to see open players ahead. Keep the dribble in front of you and always be aware of players coming from behind.. Always throw the ball ahead to the first open player.

how to run the fast break?

Secondary Break

If the fast break does not initially get your team a good shot, the players should flow into an organized "early offense", also know as a secondary break to try to get a good shot before the defense is set.

How do I run the fast break?

Shot Selection

When running the fast break, the offense should try to get: A) an uncontested layup B) an Uncontested short jump shot or C).an Uncontested 3 pt shot. If none of th ese are available, pull the ball out and set up your base offense.

how do I start the fast break?


The key to starting a fast break is getting a clean rebound followed by a quick outlet pass. Dennis Rodman was known for his rebounding, but he was also one of the best outlet passers in the game.

how do I run the floor?

Fill the Lanes

A well spaced fast break has each lane filled: middle, left wing, and right wing, For proper spacing leading to easier buckets, get those lanes filled.

what is the quickest way to get the ball up the floor?

Pass On The Break

Passing the ball is always faster than dribbling. Always look to pass the ball up the floor first before deciding to take off with the dribble.

how to run the fast break?

Attack The Basket

On the fast break you should try and dribble straight at the rim until you meet some form of resistance. If you have numbers, a teammate should be open when you meet that resistance. If the defense doesn't step up and stop the ball, attack with a vengeance and either score or get fouled.

how do I start the fast break?

Outlet Pass

Once the team has the rebound, send the players to the outlet areas. These are about at the free throw line extended to the sidelines. The rebounder should turn away from the defense and try to throw a pass up the floor to the outlet to start the fast break.

How do I run the fast break?

Look for your shot

Try to get a shot quickly, before the defense gets a chance to set up. If you don´t have a shot, pass the ball quickly while your team has numbers(more players in the front court than defensive players).

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