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College Basketball Selection Tips

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how do I get recruited?

Introduce yourself

Take the initiative and introduce yourself to the coaches at the schools on your list. If you are interested in a school, don't wait for them to "discover" you. Contact them!

What can I do to get myself an athletic scholarship?

Get Your Name Known

If you've got game... help yourself out. Get yourself known to college coaches through leagues and videotape. You might be just the type of player that a coach needs.

how can I get recruited?


Have several information packets on hand and send each school one. You can contact the coach, or they may request them. The packet should include a cover letter, unofficial transcript, letters of recommendation, video, high school and club schedule, and roster.

What kind of relationship should I have with recruiters?

Be honest

Try to base the recruiting process on honesty--both yours and the recruiters'. Always be up front with recruiters. Let them know where they stand with you and what concerns you have regarding their schools.

Likewise, you should expect honesty on the part of the recruiter, and, if you suspect something is not quite right, you should seriously reconsider your interest in that school.

Should I fill out all college questionnaires?


Most colleges will begin the recruiting process by sending you a questionnaire. Don't throw it away. You never know how the recruiting process is going to end and that school that you have never heard of may end up being the best situation for you.

how can I get recruited?

Earn Good Grades and Test Scores

It´s not a myth. The first questions recruiters ask are "What is his GPA, and what is his test score (SAT or ACT, possibly SAT II)." Check web-sites and College Directories for requirements per school. Some leniency is occasionally allowed for athletes. For NCAA DI and DII the NCAA Clearinghouse determines your college athletic academic eligibility. It is best to register with the Clearinghouse by the end of your Junior year. Get a form from your Counselor. NAIA schools individually determine your athletic academic eligibility using their national guidelines.

how can I get recruited?


Go and learn from the best. Become a student of the game. Don't compare yourself to high school players. A large percentage of them won't play college ball. See what level you have to take your game to. Watch the best players' work ethic and technique. Most college teams will allow you to attend their practices by appointment (ask your coach to call). Colleges will allow you to attend games for free, usually with two guests. Askyour coach to call to get you on the guest list. Check out all levels described above.

how can I get recruited?

Get educated

Get educated on the variety of levels of college athletics. Colleges determine which level
they are going to compete It is determined not by attendance, but by how much they are going to financially invest into athletics. Be careful to choose the best level for your needs and desires.

how can I get recruited?

Get involved in school

Colleges always want well rounded student/athletes.
KEEP AN UPDATED LIST OF HONORS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS and let the colleges know when something happens. This includes academic, athletic, civic, team, extracurricular honors, awards, and activities.

how do I get recruited?

Be prepared to be recruited

Many families become overwhelmed by the recruiting process. A good way to avoid this is to make sure that you are organized before the process begins. Know what you are looking for in a school and a basketball program, what questions you want answered, and what your priorities are.

how can I get recruited?

Financial Aid

APPLY FOR THE FAFSA. Applications will be available in your school counseling
office in December. This single application determines your eligibility for government grants
(In California they are the CAL GRANT & PELL GRANT) and loans. The CAL GRANT A award provides $3,429 to UC's,
$1,428 to CSU's, and up to $9,708 at independent colleges. The Pell ranges from $400 to $3,125.
You may also qualify for FSEOG grants, Work-Study, subsidized and non-subsidized student
loans. The first day you can submit the FAFSA is January 2. Deadline is March 1.

how can I get recruited?


offers you a visit. Coaches begin the recruiting process by sending out tons of letters. Each coach
on the staff then may make phone calls to dozens of players Until then, the coach is constantly
checking what recruits are interested. When they narrow their list down to their top prospects they
start offering "Official Recruiting Visits."In NCAA Divisions I and II these are limited, so the
coaches only use them on their top recruits.

What should be included when sending out basketball videotapes to coll


When sending a videotape to colleges you want to highlight your positive attributes. Coaches do not want to see just highlights, but rather continuous action of you playing. Believe it or not , some coaches also view parts of a tape when you are not in the game to evaluate your "body language" on the bench in hopes that it can help them assess your attitude.
A good format might be:

1)Thirty seconds to a minute of highlights with either a voice over or graphics introducing yourself, some pertinent academic and athletic statistics, what number you are and what the following games might be.

2)At least three(3)or four(4) continuous halves. Pick your best halves that display a variety of things that you do (shooting, passing, defense, rebounding, etc)

3) Optional: Maybe finish with another thirty seconds containing another voice over regarding you collegiate goals.

How do I know where I can play in college?

Know Your Level

It is important that you are realistic during the recruiting process. Know the level that you can play at in college. Coaches and scouting services can be of great value.

how can I get recruited?


The college coaches will do a majority of their scouting at summer camps, and high school and
club tournaments (especially in July) where they can see numerous players play in one location,
at one time. They usually use the Camp and Club season to do initial evaluations, and then use
the high school season to do some final evaluation and tracking.

how do I get recruited?

Enjoy High School Basketball

But be sure to enjoy your high school experience, and sell-out for the team! Some
student/athletes over-emphasize the recruiting process and end up under-achieving because of
the excessive pressure they put on themselves to impress recruiters, an over-emphasis upon
statistics, or saving themselves for college. Work hard, hustle, and play your game to help your

how can I get recruited?


SCOUTING SERVICES are an option to help you get some attention. Some college coaches use them, others throw
the hundreds they receive into the circular file. They usually cost around $500 and can be useful.
You can choose to use a scouting service, or bypass the service and contact colleges on your own
with the help of your parents, coaches, and counselors.

How do I choose the right college?

Choosing the right program

When choosing your college, understand that very few college players end up playing professionally. Choose the school as much for the education that you will receive as for the basketball.

How can I get myself known to college coaches?

Display a Good Attitude

When coaches go to game, they don´t only watch you to see if you make any great plays. They also watch to see how you interact with your coach, teammates, opponents, and the officials. Always hustle on and off the court, and NEVER display any negative emotion. Even when you are on the bench, a coach may be watching. Sit by the coach and pay attention, cheer for your teammates , and hustle to the table to check back in, and then communicate with the player coming off the floor.

how can I get recruited?

Be Coachable

The second question recruiters usually ask is, "Is he/she coachable? "The first place recruiters will go for more information on you is to your high school and club coaches. Recruiters are looking for leaders/impact players. Be a leader and positive influence on your team!

How do I choose the right college?


Most programs will have a Red-Shirt program. This means the athlete practices with the team, but doesn't participate in any games. After the year is over the athlete will still have four years of Athletic Eligibility remaining. You may want to red-shirt your freshman year to increase your chances of playing the next season, without losing any eligibility.

how do I get recruited?


Develop a list of colleges you are interested in. Meet with your counselor and your basketball coach to discuss you academic and athletic potential. Try to trim your list to 4-6 colleges by the
start of your senior year. Make a list of schools that fit into three categories:
1) Ideal colleges
2)Realistic colleges
3) Back-up colleges

Should I ask questions during the recruiting process.

Asking questions

Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions during the recruiting process. You may also want to ask questions that you already know the answers to. You can gage the integrity and trustworthiness of those recruiting you by the answers they give.

How do I choose a school?


All levels have walk-ons on their roster or non-scholarship players who earn a spot on the team (either pre-arranged or earned at try-outs) They pay their own expenses, but are treated as regular players in every other way. This may give you an opportunity to be on a team, and eventually earn a scholarship down the road.

how do I get recruited?

Official Visits

An NCAA Division I and II Official Visit includes paid for transportation and expenses
while visiting. NAIA and NCAA Division III schools usually do not pay for transportation, but
pay for expenses during the visit. The NCAA only allows recruits to take a maximum of five
Division I and II "Official Visits." NAIA and Division III don't limit the number of official visits.
A recruit can make an unlimited number of "Unofficial Visits." This is defined as the
recruit paying for all of his own expenses. Make an appointment with the coach before you visit

how do I get recruited?

Different levels of play

Here's a brief,
generalized description of the various levels:
NCAA Division 1: Offer the most scholarships, all full.
NCAA Division II: Offer 50-67% of the scholarships Dl offers per sport.
NCAA Division III: No scholarships. Will help with grants and financial aid.
NAIA: Offer full and partial scholarships, and will help with grants and financial aid.
Level of competition ranges between NCAA D II and D III.

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