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Shot Fake into Weakside Blow-by

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Shot Fake into Weakside Blow-by

This is one of my favorites from the Triple Threat position. It helps if you've hit a couple of jumpers on the defender, but even if you haven't, this move is extremely explosive. The reason: as you commit to the shot fake, your weight falls on your "free" foot (the foot that is not your pivot), allowing for a natural momentum to explode off of.

Here's a breakdown going to the left(left pivot foot): The head fully commits to the shot fake. Raise the head in an exaggerated manner, looking at the rim as you do so to completely sell the shot. The ball is tucked to your left hip to begin with, as you raise your head the ball should be brought up tightly to your chest to help sell the shot fake. I emphasize "tightly" because your exposing it to the defender, ball security is very important at this point. As all this is happening, the weight of your body should naturally lean back, so your right foot will slip directly behind you. This right foot will stop your backward momentum and it will also be used as your explosion point. As your body weight falls onto your right foot, you want to use this momentum to explode to the left and around your defender. Once this is done, tuck your right shoulder around the defender and go North-South with the dribble.

This move is an easy one to learn and master for as explosive as it is. Learn to sell the shot fake, and then use your backwards momentum to explode by the defender with.



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