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"True" Triple Threat

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"True" Triple Threat

The key to triple threat starts before you even receive the ball. Many coaches teach their players, incorrectly I might add, that whatever side of the court they're on dictates which foot is their lead foot or "pivot" foot. THIS IS WRONG in my opinion. You should catch the ball so you are opened up toward your shooting hand.

Example: If you are right handed then before catching a pass you should lead with your left foot and upon catching the ball keep your left foot planted, thus making your left foot the pivot foot. Ball should be tucked on your left hip, thus making a natural shooting motion as you raise up for the shot. It is only from this position that a player can comfortably shoot, not doing so makes you a double-threat since you have to bring the ball across your body to get into shooting position, making it unnatural and awkward to shoot the ball. Practice receiving the ball so you are opened up toward your shooting hand and you will attain "true" triple threat position.



10/28/2010 7:47:10 AM
Jason Clark said:

True Triple Threat the ball should tuck on the same hip as the shooters hand. Left-hand shooter=Left Hip

11/6/2010 2:45:37 PM
Brian said:



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