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Blow-By Out of the Triple Threat

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Blow-By Out of the Triple Threat

After mastering the Triple Threat and feeling comfortable with it, you can now begin blowing by your opponents from the position. The blow-by is similar to the stutter step from the Ball Handling Moves section, with the main difference being that you do not have the luxury of setting up your opponent with a dribble. It's basically you getting off the blocks quicker than him, which should be no problem if you put these tips to good practice.

Breakdown of the move going right: 1) Head is of course looking forward, it's triple threat. Right before the blow-by, I might look inward or toward the hoop. Remember, always show the defender the opposite. 2) Shoulders are protecting when necessary. Ball is firmly tucked. 3) Your left foot is your pivot. Your right foot is going to set this move up. Instead of using a between the legs crossover to set up your defender like the Stutter Step, you are instead going to use a variety of jab steps to get him off balance. When I use the setup jab, I will take the step a little further than normal. Let him get comfortable with this long jab, it's your setup. Now, (much like it's off the dribble counterpart), I use a half jab, tapping the foot, before extending into a full step. Your left foot is of course your explosion point. After blowing by, I make a quick hard dribble outward, away from the defender. Again, push east-west with your initial move before turning it toward the hoop.

WARNING: One of the more difficult aspects of the move is keeping your left foot planted until the ball is dribbled. Many players get overly excited and either lift or slide the pivot foot too early. Practice keeping the foot down, develop the balance for optimal explosion. Being able to shoot from triple threat is important when using the dribble moves from this position. Using head fakes will create opportunities off the dribble, but again, you must be able to comfortably shoot, or the head fake will lose its value.



5/14/2010 9:38:15 AM
jbrdl said:

What do you mean about planting the left foot? What if i jabbed, then raised my left foot then dribble is it a travel?

5/15/2010 2:02:45 AM
Brian said:

In the example, going right from triple threat, your left foot is your pivot foot. If you lift this, or slide this foot at any point before the dribble, it is a travel. Keep that foot anchored until you actually put the ball down.


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