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Blow-by into Jumpshot

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Blow-by into Jumpshot

The great thing about Triple Threat is that any movement is seen as a threat from a defender's perspective, so it's very easy to get the defender on his heels, leading to scoring opportunities. This is a great counter-move to the blow-by move in this same section.

Breakdown going to the right: The move starts off exactly like the Blow-By. Once you take that first dribble to the right, you will immediately plant your right foot, pushing back against your momentum. At the same time you will cross the ball over between your legs, going from your right hand to your left hand. Once the ball is crossed back and into your left hand, pull up and shoot the wide open jumper.

The key is to sell the drive because the defender will have to respect it, leading to a wide open jumper. Master the quickness of the crossover, and master getting the ball into your left shooting pocket(if you're a right handed shooter). The dribble itself should sell the drive, you really don't have to move toward the rim to sell the drive. Quick dribble, push off your right foot, crossover to your shooting pocket, and drain the J.



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