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Weakside Blow-By

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Weakside Blow-By

Similar to the previous Blow-By move, only instead of going to your strong side, or the side you're opened up toward, you will be going in the opposite direction. From the TT position you will again be using the jab-step to setup this move. The weak side blow-by is most effective when the defender starts cheating to your strong side. You have to make a defender pay for trying to overplay one side. This is the move to do it.

Here is a breakdown going right to left: 1) Head is forward. To setup the move I will make a quick glance to the right before going the other direction. 2) Shoulders are squared up. During the move, the ball shifts from your right side to your left side, so the right shoulder should dip around the defender as quickly as possible. 3) The ball starts off tight to your right hip. When changing directions, secure the ball tightly, and quickly swing the ball through to your outside before putting the ball down. This is important, because you are putting the ball in front of the defender, you're inviting the steal attempt, so ball security is of utmost importance. 4) Footwork. As your right foot retreats from your last jab step, you want to pull the foot straight back, slightly behind your pivot foot. This allows for the proper spacing and the proper direction of your explosion. The right foot will therefore be your explosion point, pushing you forward and to the left.

Work on getting everything swung through to the weak side. From your shoulders, to the ball, to your explosion foot. They should all change directions fast and efficiently, so that you can easily get past the defender. This is one move that I direct more AT the defender instead of east-west. The goal of this move is to get your right shoulder around the defender. When that is done, he is done. Go to the bucket strong, and finish stronger.



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