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What is a drill to work on my ballhandling?


This is a drill to work on your ballhandling. Hold the ball between your legs, with both hands on the ball, right hand in front and left hand in back. Quickly switch your hands,(now left hand in front and right hand in the back), without letting the ball touch the ground. Do as quickly as possible...this drill is one of the hardest to master... but it just takes lots of practice.



6/9/2008 3:58:04 PM
emm said:

that was a great really helps.thanks

12/9/2008 5:47:58 PM
Kelly said:

This is a great tip i'm only 11 and it took me only about 5 minutes to get it.

4/15/2010 3:26:22 PM
Deamber said:

i like that tip. I got that in 1 minutes. I think you so much for that tip.

5/13/2011 5:03:03 PM
Gregory S. said:

I was wondering if they expect us not to look at the ball while doing this? They all aren't clear on whether being able to not look while doing the drill is the goal.

~While you might have to look at the beginning, it is always better to be able to do drills without looking at the ball

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