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Between the Legs Scissors

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how do I become a better dribbler?

Between the Legs Scissors

To start this basketball drill, place your left foot ahead of your right and bounce the ball between your legs from your right hand to your left. As the ball gets to your left hand shift your feet so that your right leg goes ahead of your left and bounce the ball back between your legs. This shifting of your feet will occur with every bounce.



10/27/2006 4:53:06 PM
Brandon said:

This move is very helpful in games

5/22/2007 1:35:29 PM
daniel said:

it is very helpfull in a game but when i play people hate me doing dat move

6/7/2010 9:34:08 AM
chris said:

doing it in one spot back and forth is useless against a proper defender, between the legs dribbling is good on the move

7/2/2010 2:36:16 AM
Nat said:

It's not really a move. It's pretty basic fellas. I'm fourteen and tour highschool drills have us do this with two balls as a warmup.


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