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Figure 8

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How do I practice my ballhandling?

Figure 8

This is a drill to practice your ballhandling. Dribble the ball as quickly as possible in a figure 8 through and around the legs. Use the fingers when you dribble, and dribble very low and quickly. Switch from the right to the left and back to the right. Example: start with the right hand dribbling the ball in front and then dribble through your legs with your right hand, switch to your left hand and dribble from the back, around your left side to the front and back through you legs... then switch to your right hand behind the body and around the right side. Try to go as fast as possible, and your dribbling skills will improve with daily practice.



2/21/2007 9:57:42 AM
Sky said:

i tried this and i saw improvement in my ball handling

2/27/2007 2:05:18 PM
Jeremiah Stewart said:

If you continue to do this drill you will be a dribbling machine "Trust me I know."

11/5/2008 5:01:41 PM
Fran said:

I have benn practing this drill for a while now and now i can dribble the ball 10x better this is an excellent drill if you really want to be good

3/24/2009 10:09:40 PM
Boggs said:

good post, good drill.

8/22/2009 11:25:28 PM
Jai said:

Gud I will Try


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