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Basketball Speed and Agility Training

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Why can basketball speed and agility training give me an edge over my opponents?

Basketball Speed and Agility Training

Basketball speed and agility training can make you lighter on your feet and a worthy opponent on the court. It can give you the edge you need in the game you love. There are many techniques available to the player who wants to gain the edge over other teams. One of the best ways to train for speed is to give yourself natural resistance when you are sprint training. Find a steep hill and sprint to the top and ease your breathing by walking down. By training this way, when it comes time to sprint down the court, it will seem easy!



12/8/2006 8:03:14 AM
Damien said:

we don't have any hills by my house so I suggest that the people behind this site needs to have more tips because this is a website I will not tell my friends about.

2/9/2007 5:52:39 PM
baller said:

great tip!

11/13/2010 10:59:24 AM
Kobe Bryant said:

these are great basketball tips so you lesson and you will have a shoot like mine damien so stop whining


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