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Lateral Speed Training

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Why do I need to develop lateral speed for basketball?

Lateral Speed Training

Speed on the basketball court is essential, but so is developing lateral speed and agility. There are many tools available to help the serious basketball player develop this key court advantage, including Lateral Power Trainers and Power Boxes. In order to dodge and move in any sport, especially basketball, you need to develop muscles and instincts for moving side to side, backwards and forwards and in circles to get around your opponent. There are many drills for training in these skills, but don't be afraid to try out some tools and watch some training videos for pointers.



12/8/2006 8:05:38 AM
James said:

What would this tips be how am I supposed to get beeter when I'm not seeing any tips to train on. All I read was work on this tips to get better. WHAT TIPS!!!!!!!!


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