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Add to Your Game

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where can I find a personal trainer?

Add to Your Game

Find a basketball skill, physical trait, or even a psychological tendency to improve on prior to next season. After thoroughly assessing your skills, using a form such as the one found at Take a good hard look at the things that you scored low on. Evaluate your game and come up with a new wrinkle that will compliment it. A good shooter may need to work on penetration skills, or vice-versa. Someone that finishes strong can add to their mid-range game with a pull up jumper. Maybe ballhandling needs to be an area of improvement. Certain players simply need to develop a mind set of concentration when it comes to defensive positioning, or rebounding responsibilities, or make a concious effort to improve on some cognitive skill such as understanding the offense, passing angles, shot selection, and proper timing. A player may also need to really hit the weight room or work on a particular area of physical conditioning. Whatever area is focused on should be trained diligently and next season you`ll be a much improved player.



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