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Why do you stretch before you play?


Basketball is a game that requires flexibility. The only way to gain and maintain flexibility is through proper stretching. Stretch all of your muscles before a workout (and after if you are weight training). Stretch to the point of resistance, hold for at least three seconds, then repeat. Do not rock back and forth or bob during stretching.



7/6/2006 2:18:37 AM
Nancy Witherill said:

Stretching is THE #1 component to performance and injury prevention!!! The newest form of stretching begins with "core stretches" debuted by Chris and Ann Frederick of Tempe AZ. They stretch and give PT to many professional Athletes in the Phoenix area incl. Donovan McNabb....many of these athletes train and live in Phoenix in the off season. Their new book STRETCH TO WIN just hit the bookshelves and is a cutting edge approach to performance....a must have for the current day athlete. The benefits to stretching are multifold!!


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