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Essentials to Agility Drills in your Agility Training

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What are the most effective ways to do my agility drills?

Essentials to Agility Drills in your Agility Training

There are certain things that are essential to your agility drills and agility training. First, make sure that you are properly warmed up, stretched, and prepared for your drills. Flexibility is key and warming up before hard training is very important. Next, be sure that when you do your agility drills, you do them at full speed. Train with game-like conditions and you will be better prepared for your games. Most importantly, for agility training, keep moving! A strict set of agility drills should be done in sequence with as little pausing as necessary. Keep that heart rate up, and you will get the benefits of agility training you are looking for.



5/31/2009 2:54:13 AM
'H' said:

Make sure you don't do static stretching prior to any type of training or a game. research shows that static stretching decreases muscle power (you can't run as fast, or jump as high). Research has also shown that static stretching prior to intense activity does not decrease risk of injury. Stretching can/should be left to post training/match, or should be done in a separate flexibility session


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