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Benefits of Agility Training

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What are the real benefits of agility training?

Benefits of Agility Training

Agility training is at the core of any athlete's endurance level. If you want to last longer without getting winded or jump higher before landing back on the ground, agility is the key. Most athletes have their careers cut short because of injury or fatigue. Agility training will reduce your risk of injury and give you the extra wind you need to make it through a long season. Proper agility training will give you more flexibility and let your body take on the abuses that can come in any competitive sport. Take advantage of the advanced agility training accessories and drills that are out there and make the most of your game.



2/1/2007 2:30:25 AM
paul irwin said:

i absolutely love this tip - basketball is my fave sport and im goin for tht scholarship to Browns Uni - my GPA is only 1.2 at the moment and im predicted a 400 is SATs but so far this season ive scored 8 in 22 games and hopeful of tht sports scholarship


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