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Hand Position on the Ball

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How do I grip the ball when shooting?

Hand Position on the Ball

One of the problems with young players being told to shoot with their fingertips is that they hold the ball on their fingertips. In order to control the ball, it has to rest on the pads of the shooting hand. Then, when shooting, the ball should come off the fingertips as it leaves the shooter´s hand.



12/6/2007 11:04:20 AM
clare said:


6/11/2010 7:26:18 AM
Ocean said:

This is my biggest problem, I dont get where the ball should be when shooting, can it touch the palm at all? like the sides of the palm? I been shooting like this for years and I see why it should be on the fingertips but if i try it I feel weaker shooting like that

6/17/2010 12:55:30 PM
Brian said:

Once the shot is in launch position(ready to shoot), it should be on the pad of your hand, or in between your fingertips and your palm. As you snap your wrist, the index finger should be the last part of your hand to touch the ball.


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