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Not All Basketball Court Measurements Are The Same

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Why are some basketball court measurements different than others?

Not All Basketball Court Measurements Are The Same

Depending on what level of league or part of the world you play basketball in, the basketball court measurement that you play on may not be the same. For example, Olympic regulations dictate different basketball court measurements and dimensions than NBA regulations. On a smaller scale, youth basketball leagues often have their own specific basketball court measurement rules. All of these changes are simply aimed at maintaining balance throughout an individual's growth in the sport. A team of 10 year olds certainly could not run up and down a 94 foot floor like a team of men in their 20's or 30's. The basketball court measurements are not the only things that can differ. Everything from the size of the basketball to the height of the rim can vary depending on where you play. No matter what your league, however, the goal remains the same; put the ball in the hoop more than the other team.



7/30/2006 2:57:28 PM
someone said:

i am 13 and a girl and i can run up and down a 94' court no problem


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