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From Dirt to Parquet - History of Basketball Court Flooring

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What is the history behind basketball court flooring?

From Dirt to Parquet - History of Basketball Court Flooring

When basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith, the only basketball court flooring was the ground at your feet. Along with moving from a peach basket to a round hoop, it was soon apparent that a sooth surfaced floor was needed. Since then, basketball court flooring has been made of tarmac, variations of wood types, and even new rubber composites. Perhaps the most storied basketball court flooring was the parquet that covered the ice in the old Boston Garden. Built in sections, players said that the bolts from the individual flooring pieces made diving for a loose ball a move to make 'at your own risk'. For the most part, indoor basketball courts today are made from durable wood planks. Outdoor courts are laid with either concrete or tarmac.



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