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Basketball Accessories - From Shoes to Bags

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How far should you go with your basketball uniforms to make your players happy?

Basketball Accessories - From Shoes to Bags

The clothes make the man, right? Should your teams' basketball uniforms make the players? Maybe not, but the reality for many basketball coaches in any league is that they do. Giving your players what they want in a basketball uniform is important, but how far should you go with your basketball accessories in order to keep them happy? Remember, the uniform is more than just shirts and shorts to players today. Do your players all like a similar sneaker? Would they feel more as a team if their feet all matched? If so, the coach simply needs to determine if this feeling of unity would make it worth giving them those sneakers, which are as much of a basketball uniform accessory as anything. If it is worth it, do it. At any level, happy players are more easily coached than unhappy ones.



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