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Discipline the Player, NOT the Person

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How demanding should I be?

Discipline the Player, NOT the Person

A VERY successful division one college coach uses a tactic that is very interesting. In practice, he does NOT call players by name when he is scolding/questioning them. Rather, he uses their jersey #. For example, "Come on 20, you need to set up that screen. Otherwise it´s just an exchange," Or "32, that was a bad decision. Couldn´t you see that she wasn´t open?" The idea is that when he corrects them, he doesn´t use their name. Therefore, it is not directed toward the person, it is directed toward the player. Off the court, and in situations where he is praising something that is worthy, he uses their name. He wants them to associate themselves only with positive reinforcement. Thus, you discipline the playerm but praise the person.



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