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Be a Leader

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How can I best play against a defender in the low post?

Be a Leader

A Great Big Man is a leader by example in practice, in conditioning, and all aspects of training. They do not walk through the motions some days, and attempt to bring their "A" game to the top level with inconsistent practice methods and intensity. The greatest post players are nasty to play against every single day. No one wants to get in the trenches with this player. It´s almost futile to stop the power, intensity, and determination of a great post player.



9/30/2006 8:44:02 PM
Danielle Bointy said:

You are so right when you wrote this. Just stay positive and you will be feard.

5/11/2010 1:57:56 AM
nicholas judgeware said:

This is a true statement, i know by experience!!!


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