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Strong and Soft

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how do I get the ball in the post?

Strong and Soft

A Great Big Man has both soft hands and strong arms. The ball lands on their finger tips like a butterfly to a flower but sticks like velcro to...velcro. This comes from well developed finger strength, good hand-eye coordination, and excellent techniques in keeping the elbows pointed out to press the ball inward.



3/25/2007 12:00:31 PM
Tate said:

I am 6'5", and only 16. This tip works in any situation, when catching, passing, and shooting. It's a great way to elevate your game and embarass your opponent.

12/17/2009 11:30:42 PM
A Proud Mom said:

I agree, my 9 years old Big Guy (Teddy Bear) has that soft touch, the eye, and the strength. He's great in basketball and football. But he wants to be a quarterback which no coach will give him a chance. He can throw a football to the end of the field. He has that quick eye where he can spot a teammate quickly. He is 5'5 and 160. Maybe you will here about him in 12 years. See you then.


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