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Build Your Jumping

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How do I increase my vertical jump?

Build Your Jumping

In order to better your jumping, you need to increase your leg strength and stamina. A great way to do this is by doing a consecutive jumping drill. Begin by jumping as high as you can off both feet. Your hands should be above your head and rotating to help you jump high. As soon as you land, go right back up. Repeat this twenty-five times. Next, jump twenty-five times off your right foot, then twenty-five times off your left. Keep your hands up and go up as quickly as you can after landing. Next, jump twenty-five times bringing your knees to your chest. You can now bring your arms down in order to maintain balance, but continue jumping as quickly as possible. Then jump twenty-five times trying to kick your heals into your rear end. Finally, perform twenty-five Jerry Wests. A Jerry West is a jump in which you bend forward at the waist extending your arms at forty-five degree angles. Try to touch your fingertips to your toes.



6/19/2006 2:12:04 PM
Jerron Greene said:

This is very good advice. Being a athlete it's very benificial for me and anyone else who is aspiring to take there game to another level.

7/1/2006 4:28:16 PM
Danah said:

I will be in the ninth grade this year.Iam already playing on the varsity girls team. All I need is to jump a little higher. Iam sure this tip will do the trick.Atleast I hope so. Thanks

10/30/2006 9:08:39 PM
cody said:

thanks for the tip i need to be able to jump higher but ggot to go i got jumping drills to do

9/30/2008 3:37:31 PM
tauro said:

thanks for knowing us the program of the jumping

3/27/2010 12:15:31 PM
Brandon said:

I am only 5ft9 and can dunk a volleyball but not the real ball yet i need a little extra boost hope this helps

4/24/2010 3:29:32 PM
camila said:

im a basketball player this has help me alot i hope if you can do it on video or on youtube PS i love this

6/25/2010 4:36:18 PM
cody said:

i am 5'11" and just now became able to touch the rim hope this can get me slammin it in no time.

7/31/2011 7:43:15 AM
Kricket said:

Thanks for this. I would like to learn how to jump higher indeed.


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