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Positive footwork

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What is a pivot foot?

Positive footwork

Once you have recieved a pass and faced the basket, you have probably established a pivot foot. That foot may no longer move until the ball leaves your hand when you dribble. POSITIVE FOOTWORK is a term that describes your "free" foot. Regardless of the manner in which you square up, your free foot should remain slightly in front of your pivot foot. This allows the offensive player to remain in charge and gives the ability to attack the defender. A player should not allow the free foot to end up in a position BEHIND the pivot foot, as this will give the defender an opportunity to apply pressure and "belly up" to the ballhandler, putting the ballhandler on his back foot and retreating from the basket.
Once a foot is free, that is the only foot that the player can fake or step with. "The foot that moves is the foot that goes!"



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