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Keep Moving

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How can I help my team?

Keep Moving

We often say that the biggest mistake you can make, is to stand still. Always move with a purpose. When you don't have the ball, you should move to the ball, fake cuts, move away from the ball, set a screen, get rebounding position, or improve your floor spacing -- but never just stand. Think about the players that you don`t like to guard. They probably are the ones that are constantly moving, requiring you to stay alert or else he will sneak free for an easy shot. Rip Hamilton is a great example of this. Nobody in the league wants to guard him because he is constantly moving, constantly making the defense work. Be THAT person, be Rip Hamilton and KEEP MOVING!



8/31/2009 11:07:22 PM
Aleigha Dawn said:

this is wat i would say...good tip

9/26/2010 8:07:45 AM
Aki said:

makes sense... opportunities to take shots get created that way..


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