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Support the Coach

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How much should a parent be involved?

Support the Coach

Please don't talk bad about the coach in front of your child. The worst thing a parent can do is take pot shots at the coach, criticizing decisions, and complaining about his leadership. Support the coach and stand behind his decisions.



11/1/2006 11:26:20 PM
Do Not Care said:

It matters really what age this is going on in. If a parent is talking down about a coach and the coach is coaching fourthgraders but when the coach is coaching high school I think it is ok for the parent to critizie the coach by asking their child questions. But if the coach is coaching college or in the pros the coach is fair game really for every so it matters what age it is also if the parent who is complaining about the coach really knows what s/he is really talking about.

7/3/2010 6:17:22 AM
No, no, and no said:

Teach your kid (whatever age) some respect. Never criticize the coach, privately or publicly. You might think your kid needs more playing time, to be utilized differently, etc.; but you are wrong. At a younger age, I would hope coaches encourage certain sportsmanship and fundamental principles. And if they do not, then take your kid somewhere else. At older ages, you ARE NOT as smart as these coaches. They (hopefully) get PAID for this knowledge, so DO NOT disagree.


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