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Relative Motion

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How can I help my team?

Relative Motion

Along with all of the individual fundamentals, players need to understand the concept of "relative motion". That can best be described as realizing how one player fits into the space on the floor, given the "relative" positioning of the other players, both offense and defense. A player with this understanding will know how to move to get open, create proper spacing, passing angles, play good on ball defense, and give good team defensive help.



12/2/2006 11:13:48 PM
past coach said:

Nice to see comment about finding space. So tired of hearing parents comment about moving to the basket. If everyone moves to the basket it isn't pretty.

12/11/2006 2:35:01 PM
cj said:

make this tip more understandable

3/1/2007 8:18:57 AM
Garrick Roemmer said:

Yeah hommy! This is a good tip! Move around the court like Rip Hamilton!

G to the rick

10/28/2011 3:08:46 PM
dadin said:

great tip. same thing I always tell my son. be smart on offense and defense. while on the court try and put yourself in your teammate's or opponent's place and go to where they want you to be or should be (offense) or where they want to go (defense)


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