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Competitive Greatness

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Competitive Greatness

What is competitive greatness? It's being at your best when your best is needed. It's enjoying the challenge when things become difficult, even very difficult.
True competitors know it's exhilarating to be involved in something that's very challenging. They don't fear it. They seek it. Is it fun to do that which is ordinary, easy, simple, something anyone can do? Not at all.
Yet most of the tasks we do in our everyday lives are very simple. Anybody could do them. They will not produce the joy that comes from being involved with something that challenges your body, mind, and spirit.



8/16/2007 12:35:19 PM
myesha said:

thank you a lot

11/8/2007 4:22:18 AM
alysia said:

i love this tip!!

11/1/2008 1:26:11 PM
Kayla said:

My coach put this quote in our locker room. We read it before every game. It gets us pumped up and ready to play!

1/21/2009 8:19:34 AM
cj said:

This is amazing!

12/13/2009 11:43:23 PM
Jatugo said:

Thats true 100%

9/11/2011 6:16:52 PM
DTA said:

Awesome tip!

11/28/2011 10:48:12 PM
Tony Sharpless said:

Yeah im bad at call of duty. Please help!!!

1/8/2012 10:17:48 PM
gertrude said:

Coudn't have said better myself!!!


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