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Layup follow thru

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How do I do a lay-up?

Layup follow thru

When first learning to shoot, the FOLLOW THRU should be the same as a regular shot. Your palm is facing the basket, with the ball coming off of the 1st two fingers. Flop over the wrist to get backspin on the ball for a nice soft shot. Later, when a player can jump higher, the palm can face skyward and lay the ball up softly off of the backboard with very little spin. Try not to spin the ball and be too "fancy". This should be a sure TWO POINTS-make sure that you make it.



2/2/2009 5:17:20 PM
Alex Shontz said:

these are good tips but my form and my shot are perfect so i dont even know why i read this...

1/19/2010 8:52:57 PM
nick noice said:

no one's shot is perfect except AI and Kobe so don't get cocky

1/21/2010 9:46:33 AM
alex shontz said:

ok sorry :(

7/17/2010 11:14:42 PM
boosty said:

good tips.

9/6/2010 2:21:10 AM
Top Sports Star said:

Basic basic shots include the one-hand set shot, free throw, jump shot, three-point shot, hook shot, lay-up, and runner. These shots share certain basic mechanics, including sight, balance, hand position, elbow-in alignment, shooting rhythm, and follow-through. The best way to develop your shot is to concentrate on only one or two mechanics at a time.

12/30/2010 5:34:46 PM
claire said:

I really liked the tip thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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