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Medicine Balls For Basketball Training

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how can I improve my conditioning?

Medicine Balls For Basketball Training

To ensure personal safety and good technique while doing medicine ball exercises the following points should be remembered: Complete throws with full extension of the arms. On standing exercises, plant your feet before beginning to throw the ball. Always use the full joint range in the correct sequence in carrying out each exercise. Maintain technique - do not sacrifice control for distance. Inexperienced athletes should not take the ball too far back behind the head when carrying out overhead throws. When picking up a ball, ensure the knees are bent and the back is kept straight. When carrying out exercises lying on your back, ensure the lower back always remains in contact with the surface.



7/5/2006 12:48:53 PM
jamie said:

I work out all the time but it never shows that mutch in my game so i had my mom to sow me a cube and i putt corn and rice in it it was just like a medicin ball


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