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Attack the Press

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how do I break a press?

Attack the Press

Once you cross half-court, attack, attack, attack. The press is broken. You should have numbers(see basketball terms). Make them pay for trying to press the likes of you. Attack the basket and get some easy buckets.



2/12/2007 3:56:08 PM
Jordan said:

Once you get over half court on a zone press you have not necessarily beat it. This is true because once uou get over half court you cannot go back (over and back). The defence will probably have atleast one (maybe 2) defender(s) in front the ball handler plus the half court line behind him (her) and the baseline on either side. So, If the team trying to beat the press gets over half and picks up the ball or even keeps dribbling the defense has them really trapped. Also, when trying to beat the zone press you shouldn't pick up your dribble once you get over half.
Just a thought,


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