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Pass to the first Open Teammate

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Pass to the first Open Teammate

PASS TO THE FIRST OPEN PERSON. Passing the ball is faster than dribbling it. If you move the ball, you make the defense adjust and they will eventually make a mistake and leave someone(maybe you!) open. Don´t wait for a better pass. Pass to the first open teammate.



10/10/2006 1:33:16 PM
Nitaya said:

The statement about passing the ball is faster than dribbling is true. But sometimes this tip doesn't work.

12/2/2006 11:23:23 PM
Past coach said:

I used to pull my players (starter or not) when they didn't pass to the open man. So many coaches refuse to make a team by avoiding this. 5 on 4 is such an advantage.

1/11/2007 1:35:34 PM
Carman said:

I just started basketball & the team has already played 2 games & i need to catch up. What should I do??

1/15/2007 10:31:52 AM
Kooly said:

No dont listen if someone thinks there open they might not be because defense is between you and the basket

2/21/2007 1:51:20 PM
Baller said:

That is a good idea but sometimes every body is not open what happens then


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