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Spin Move

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how do I become a better dribbler?

Spin Move

The spin move is highly effective versus overly aggresive defenders. It's also a very safe move, since as you spin, you are protecting the ball. This is why many NBA and College point guards use this move as they are bringing the ball upcourt against heavy pressure. Dwayne Wade is an NBA player of today that has a great spin move.

Here is a breakdown going right to left: While moving to the right you want to jump stop with your left foot in front, using this same left foot to reverse pivot, spinning off of your opponent, and hopefully passed your opponent. As you jump stop, the ball should be cupped from the top with your right hand, quickly dribbled once, before continuing the dribble with your left hand just as you complete the spin. The quickness of the spin is created by using your right foot as the explosion point, pushing against your momentum to the right, creating a quick spin.



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