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Fouls & Free Throws

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How many free throws are given on a foul?

Fouls & Free Throws

If you are fouled while you are shooting, you will be awarded 2 free throws. If you are fouled while shooting a 3 point attempt, you will be awarded three free throws. Free throws are NOT awarded on a charging foul. For all other non-shooting fouls, it all depends on whether you are in the foul bonus as to whether you will shoot free throws. For the NBA, if a team commits five fouls in a quarter, then they are over the limit, and the offense will get two free throws for every foul committed thereafter. In college, it's the 7th team foul per half that gets you into the bonus, but you will be shooting whats called a 1 and 1. This means that you must make the first one, to get a second. Once a team reaches 10 team fouls, you're in the double bonus, and every foul for the remainder of the half will be two shots.



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