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Blocking/ Charging Foul

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What is blocking and charging?

Blocking/ Charging Foul

This is THE most difficult call to make in basketball. A lot is left up for interpretation, and referees blow this call more than any other. Blocking, by definition, is personal contact which impedes the progress of an offensive player. This call is made when a defender bumps into, or impedes an offensive player's progress with their body. Charging is personal contact called against the offense, with or without the ball, usually because the offensive player pushes, or runs through a defender. When judging a block/charge, officials are supposed to use the following principles: 1) Does the defender establish an initial legal guarding position? 2) Does the defender remain stationary or does he move laterally or backwards in order to maintain the guarding position? 3) In moving to maintain the guarding position, are one or both feet on the floor while doing so? 4) Is the defensive player on the spot first? Bascially, everyone has a right to their position on the court, whether it's the offense or the defense. If either one violates that space, then a block/charge will be called.



2/19/2011 8:11:21 PM
A. borkowski said:

to many broadcasters continue to say THE DEFENSIVE MAN DID NOT HAVE HIS SET=SET=SET, POSITION, WAS MOVING AT TIME OF CONTACT. Defensive man has as right to his position on the court. then a blocking call is made. When in reality the offensive man ran into the defensive player>

Very True

6/1/2012 1:42:08 AM
Jerry said:

So to get a charge you can be anywhere in the court when the offensive player is pushing and things of that nature


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