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10 Second Rule

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What is the 10 Second Rule?

10 Second Rule

Once a player gains control of a live ball, the offensive team has 10 seconds to cross over half court. If a team fails to do this, it is a violation and the ball is awarded to the opposing team.



8/6/2007 3:01:44 AM
donghyunlee said:

This is a good information

5/3/2009 3:43:22 PM
beauwood said:

If the team progressing the ball calls a timeout, does the ten second start over?

5/3/2009 7:40:51 PM
Brian said:

No, it just pauses the count.

6/4/2009 6:29:35 AM
ben said:

yh brian is right

9/13/2009 8:51:26 AM
Ben said:

I believe that it is 8 Seconds in the FIBA rules, not to sure on NBA rules, The Only time the Count is reset is due to a foul being called.

9/13/2009 7:55:05 PM
Brian said:

correct. NBA and FIBA rules are 8 seconds.

1/30/2010 5:20:50 PM
Jered said:

What if the defense deflects the ball out of bounds? Does the 10 second count start over?

2/4/2010 3:37:37 PM
bill said:

is there any circumstance aside from a foul being called where the count starts over? for example, if the defending team taps the ball loose and it goes out of bounds. does the count start over?

2/4/2010 4:08:21 PM
Brian said:

to answer both of your questions, no, the count would not start over for anything but a defensive foul. They do not penalize the defense for making it difficult to get the ball over half court in 10 seconds.

2/16/2010 10:49:42 AM
Charles Gilbert said:

I think with the 35 second shot clock in use the 10 second rule should be eliminated.

5/8/2010 12:31:06 PM
sudhanshu said:

it 8 second rule

5/8/2010 4:03:55 PM
Brian said:

lol, yes. IF you're in the NBA. The majority of us don't have the luxury of playing in the NBA, so it's the 10 second rule for everyone else.

7/29/2010 12:44:46 AM
Jo said:

its 8 secs not 10

8/4/2010 12:46:24 AM
Brian said:

In the NBA, it is 8 seconds. Everywhere else it's 10

10/11/2010 9:22:58 PM

LOL people you need to listen to brian hes the expert and the odds are YOUR NOT!!!

10/28/2010 1:17:50 PM
hahahahahahahahaha said:

Your wrong, it is reset everytime the play is stopped other than calling a time out. If you kick the ball, foul the ball carrier, hit the ball out of bounds, etc. The 8 second rule starts all over but the 24 second clock stays the same until the other team has posetion of the ball or if you kick the ball... Morons!

11/6/2010 2:41:28 PM
Brian said:

You're calling people morons and your wrong, lol. That's called irony sir. Of course the count would start over after a foul or a kicked ball, but those are the ONLY reasons. If a defensive player knocks the ball out of bounds, the count doesn't start over, that would be ridiculous to penalize the defense for making a good play. So no, you are wrong.

12/13/2010 11:59:44 AM
you know said:

Actually, if defense hits the ball out of bounds that is a change of possession. Therefore, the ten seconds does start again.

12/16/2010 1:08:29 PM
Brian said:

Actually, touching the ball doesn't qualify for change of possession. If that was the case, then every time a defensive player touched the ball(blocked shot, tipped pass, etc) then the shot clock would reset. Anybody who watches basketball knows that's not the case.

12/21/2010 9:52:21 AM
Justin said:

I have been reffing high school basketball for several years. When the basketball is knocked out of bounds by the defense the 10 second count is reset in every level of basketball all the way up to NCAA Division 1. However in the NBA the 8 second violation does not reset if the ball is knocked out by the defense mainly because the officials use the shot clock to base their 8 second count. It is a dumb rule that penalizes good defense but it is the correct call.

1/7/2011 12:37:17 PM
Brian said:

I was looking at the NCAA rules, and it's very vague about the rule. It claims the offense has 10 seconds of continuous possession to get the ball over, which a tipped ball is not a change of possession. I knew that the NBA didn't reset the count, assumed that this was the case on the high school and college level, because like you said, it doesn't make sense to penalize the defense in this situation.

4/15/2011 2:49:55 PM
Jimmie Turner said:

Why the ncaa don't list that women basketball do not have the 10 second rule like the men do,to get the ball across half court, please reply.also tell me where I can find infomation on the 10 second rule for women ncaa basketball. Thanks !

the women's shot clock is shorter so the NCAA doesn;t feel the need to have a count at this time
~Coach Lok

7/27/2011 3:25:35 AM
sia said:

that is an neat tip but the rules are different. in NBA RULES ITS CALLED THE 10 SECOND RULE IN THE FIFA ITS THE 8 SECOND RULE

2/8/2012 11:05:07 PM
Dahlia said:

this seems fair enough


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